Hey Boss Lady, 
I’m Irene. I’m a business & mindset coach helping women like you become the boss of you life with clarity & confidence.

Watch this handy step-by-step video and download my free fill-in-the-blank 'Boss BUSINESS PLAN' template.

Are you a female leader ready to escape the corporate grind and become your own boss? 
- You’re fed up of the internal politics or feel you are in a toxic environment that jars with your values and beliefs

- You feel chained to your desk in a job that just doesn’t inspire or worse still doesn’t even recognise all the extra time and effort you are putting in

- You increasingly feel underappreciated and don’t aspire to be any of your managers

- You just feel that you’ve somehow drifted downstream and don’t even really know how you’ve ended up in a senior role doing a job that you just don’t love

- You’re tired of feeling the constant guilt of not being present and crave more time to spend with loved ones and want a more flexible working life

- You know that something MUST change and secretly fear the stress may take a toll on your health

You dream of less stress, less politics, less hours. More choice, more flexibility and more money! 
90 DAYS 

Going freelance or starting your own company can by lonely, overwhelming and stressful, but it really doesn’t have to be! 
Watch my free master class on How to Start Your Business in 90 Days and discover how to get up and running in record time!

>> You feel ‘disconnected’. From your job, from relationships, from the REAL you! You lack clarity on which direction you want your life to go in.
>> You constantly feel frustrated by recurring  issues at work or at home and really want to see a positive and progressive change in your current situation.
>> You feel like you’ve hit a career road block, but alas fear and procrastination, keep stopping you from taking the first step to starting your own business .
>> You already have a business, but it feels stagnant (or is running you down!) and you need to reset and revisit your strategy to scale successfully without the burnt out.
If so, I would love to help!
As women we unknowingly carry so much excess baggage with us that it stops up from showing up for ourselves and enjoying life in so many ways.

From re-building your self-confidence & resilience to becoming your own boss to scaling your business, I will equip you with the mindset tools and practical skills to help you show up in life like the boss you are! 
Coaching can take on many guises, but for me it's about ensuring my clients have a positive and life enhancing breakthrough through us working together. 

What does 'Boss Mindset' mean?
Bossing it isn’t about being arrogant or 'that girl' that aggressively pushes people or being around in the name name of leadership.

Boss Mentality™ is about intimately knowing (and embracing) your complete self - your beliefs, your drivers, your blockers, your tendencies and your limitations so that you feel fully equipped to take on ANYTHING that life throws at you with resilience, integrity and grace.

Let's Be Real

Sometimes, life throws you lemons. (Goodness knows I’ve had my fair share of lemonade!)

And sometimes those ‘lemons’ come in the shape of low self-confidence, lack of clarity 
or a very fear of being seen, judged or rejected. 

Sadly, these can stop you from being the incredible human you are! 

They hold you back in every area of your life and often result in self-esteem issues, self-sabotage, bad relationships, limited advancement at work and lacklustre business progress.  

When we find ourselves living in this negative state for extended periods of time, 
it's time to take action and make a change - before it's too late. 

The Truth? 

No amount of positive thinking or daily mantras will spark the change you desperately desire until you not only FULLY UNDERSTAND the core of the problem, 
but also learn HOW to make the necessary behavioural and mindset shifts required to ensure long term, transformative change. 

That's where I come in...

Work With Me
Savvy Startup Club™ 
Start Your Business The Smart Way
Fed up of boring company politics and working loooooong hours building someone else’s dream? I hear you!

The Savvy Startup Club™ is my 12-month group coaching programme designed for female leaders who are ready to become their own boss.

Join me and my expert team as we help you create, build and launch your dream business through a combination of 1-on-1 success coaching, weekly group coaching, practical business workshops and real-life meetups.

The best part?

You get to do this with a community or fellow female Bosses who are on the exact same journey as you for additional accountability and support. (Which, take it from someone who has launched several successful business and brands, is much more motivating and FUN!)

You launch your dream business (with potential clients waiting to buy!) within 12 months enabling you to kick your current work situation to the curb with clarity and confidence.

Public Speaking & Workshops

I love to teach by real life example and delivering talks and practical workshops are some of my favourite ways to support women like you and inspire others to take action! 

The key areas I speak on are:

>> Diversity & female entrepreneurship
>> Business & Startup Culture
>> PR & Personal Branding
>> Social Media & Online Marketing Techniques & Future Trends

Speaker, panel curation or workshop bookings: 
Please get in touch at irene(at)

You can also download my speaker bio here.  

Hone in on your goals in a specific way
Starting and scaling your business takes so much more than a good idea. It's about developing the right, mindset, plan and skill set to set the right foundations so your business can last the test of time. 
Identify Your blindspots and move past them
We all suffer with mindset blocks. Some we may not even be aware of. In order to lay strong foundations for business we have to find the courage to identify the blind spots that are holding us back. 
Discover a work-life balance
Many of us start our business with the dreams of more balance only to find we are working longer & harder than ever before. Explore how to honour your own needs whilst running a successful business.
Set the bar high an maneuver ambitiously
Whilst I will always encourage those who are able to move quickly, the aim here is to start and scale impeccable businesses - not one hit wonders! 
As your coach, my dream for you is simple. I want to help you see that there is another way.
Believe me when I say that there is another way to work that doesn’t mean crazy long hours building someone else’s dream without the recognition (or extra pay!)
Another way to work that doesn’t mean putting up with politics and unnecessary work drama that zaps your energy and confidence.
Another way to work that doesn’t mean missing out on loved ones or being chained to a desk for a job you can do anywhere in the world.
It’s YOUR way.
The questions is…are YOU ready to chase that dream?
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Trust Me. If I Can Do It, So Can You.
Hear about my "rags to riches" story.
1-on-1 Coaching
This is a 6-month coaching relationship for those looking for big transformation and long-term change in their life and business.
My core topics are:
- Leadership & Entrepreneurship
- Online Marketing Strategies
- Diversity & Female Leadership
Group Coaching
Collaborative coaching those who prefer to learn and grow in groups and harness the power of a growing startup business community.
Bespoke corporate leadership and 'intrapreneurship' training
 available on request.

Irene Moore

Irene is the CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Marketing London ltd. - a leading beauty & luxury training consultancy.  

With an enviable consultancy client roster that includes giants like L'Oreal, Dior and LVMH, Irene is classed as one of the top consultants in her field.

As a business coach she is passionate about empowerment through entrepreneurship and speaks regularly on the topics of leadership, mindset and diversity.
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About Irene Moore

Irene Moore is an Entrepreneur Speaker & Business Coach with over a decades experience handling marketing communications for global brands such as L'Oreal, Kat Von D Beauty and Dior. 
Irene's mission is empowering female leaders with the practical skills and mindset shifts required to start a sustainable business that offers true freedom and flexibility in the way they work.
Irene speaks regularly on the topics of female leadership, visibility, online marketing and diversity in business for the likes of BAFTA, Cosmopolitan Magazine Self Made Summit, Twitter Women ,
Virgin and Enterprise Nation.
She's an official business mentor for the Virgin Startup Group and the founder of the Savvy Startup Club - an online coaching platform for female founders.
  • Professional Mindset & Business Coach
  •  Founder of DM London - an Online Marketing Training Consultancy for Beauty & Luxury Brands - L'Oreal, Dior, LVMH and Kat Von D Beauty
  • Host of the Start Your Business Summit - a 5 Day Virtual Summit for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Learn more.
  • Advisor at Enterprise Nation & Virgin Startup Mentor 
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